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GreenWize Energy Limited is an innovative and fast growing for profit energy social enterprise based in Sub Saharan Africa. It was founded by Kenyan Engineers, Evans Wadongo and Edwin Keverenge. GreenWize Energy is incorporated in Kenya. GreenWize seeks to introduce innovative green energy products and solutions that beat competitors in the African market on originality, pricing, reliability in performance, ease of use, customization, and excellent support services. This for-profit venture builds upon the successful non-profit social entrepreneurship venture being implemented by Sustainable Development for All (SDfA), founded by Evans Wadongo. SDfA has over the last 4 years worked on two pillars: (1) providing lighting to rural very low-income households without access to grid electricity through a technology that is reliable in performance, affordable, user friendly and environmentally safe. (2) enabling user households to start income generating projects by using savings realized from cutting or eliminating on everyday purchase of fossil fuels (kerosene), which would have otherwise been used to power their kerosene lamps. However, the sustainability to date of the SDfA has in part been dependent on grants. It is for this reason that GreenWize was created and parts of the proceeds generated from the company are donated towards supporting SDfA’s philanthropic objectives.

Our Mission.

The mission of Greenwize Energy is to create innovative African designed renewable energy products and solutions that reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels while yielding health, environmental and economic improvements. We are dedicated to being industry leaders in innovation, technology and customer service.


Evans Wadongo and Edwin Keverenge who have gained tremendous experience working in both public and private sectors, founded the company. Mr. Wadongo is a pioneer renewable energy innovator who has led initiatives to provide thousands of homes with products and solutions in Sub Saharan Africa.

He has won numerous global awards including CNN hero, Outstanding Social Entrepreneur in Africa, listed among 35 innovators under 35 by MIT Technology review, among others. Mr. Keverenge has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Nairobi, and has gained professional experience having worked in public sector and private sector.



MwangaBora solar lighting solutions- Our MwangaBora solar lighting systems are designed by our own team and assembled in Africa by Africans. The products, made from high quality lighting components, are easy to use, and are being sold through innovative distribution models in order to reach even the low income populations.

* Solar Home and Business Power solutions

Our team works with the client to create tailor made solutions, source high quality equipment, and implement the solutions, and provide after sale support. We shall advice the client on the best possible solution- either fully solar powered, or electricity powered with solar energy as back up. These solutions are targeted at:

  • • Individual households
  • • Housing estates
  • • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • • Corporate companies
  • • NGOs and International Organizations.

* Solar Street Lighting Solutions

With the increase in urbanization in Kenya and Africa as a whole, GreenWize invests in staying ahead of its field by developing new solutions to complement specific projects and environments. Driving the demand for Solar street lighting are factors such as frequent power outages; high maintenance cost; high monthly bills; Climate change; remote locations aiming to modernize and lack of electricity supply.



We design and install biogas systems using the latest technology, based on the client’s needs. Our solutions include ability to use various forms of household waste, apart from the traditional animal waste, to generate biogas. We also design and various forms of packaging the gas, as well as efficiently improving the quality of the bio-fertilizer byproduct.


Our custom EnergieRapide system combines various energy sources such as solar, wind, biogas, to create an easy to assemble solution for use in rural communities, trading centers, small towns and emergency situations.


GreenWize Energy Ltd is partnering with innovative grassroot entreprenuers to bring to the market energy saving cookstoves and briquettes designed in Africa. Our cookstoves are robustly engineered to meet the environmental needs of our planet and the desires of families in Africa. Uniting combustion science and cutting edge product design, the clean burning cookstoves are as resilient as they are appealing. Greenwize has helped more than thousands of families breathe healthier air while saving time and money on cooking and fuel costs.


With the ever increasing energy costs for manufacturing companies, businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations, GreenWize has been among pioneers in conducting energy audits, and providing custom advisory to clients in order to reduce their energy consumption. We believe that using energy efficiently is one of the ways to reduce climate change. We believe we have the best team to help you reduce your energy bill – and you pay us partly based on the amount of reduction in your consumption.


When you think about Green Energy in Africa, you need a partner with local experience – a partner who has a team of personnel – in Engineering, Project Planning and Management and Financial Management. At GreenWize, we offer a unique experience- we have a team of relatively young but extremely innovative people who would move your energy project to the next phase beyond other solutions in the market.






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GreenWize Energy Ltd believes in the power of social good. With over 600 million people in Africa, and 1.5 billion people in the world without access to reliable energy, we seek to partner with organizations that are working to ensure poor populations access clean energy and those that help reduce climate change.

One of our key CSI partner is:

Sustainable Development For All (SDfA)

Working closely with SDfA, GreenWize staff volunteer their time and expertise, to help develop green products for use by the mostly rural poor. In addition, the company donates a significant part of its profits to SDfA, that helps to support youth and women to improve their incomes and livelihoods using solar lamps as the catalyst.

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